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Colorado Weather

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Changes in Colorado Weather

Where is Colorado? Colorado is a state in the western area of the United States of America. It was named after the river Colorado, which is one of the major rivers in the United States. It is surrounded by Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Utah, New Mexico and a small region of Oklahoma. Colorado is known throughout the world due to the variety of geographical landscapes it contains. Colorado is filled with mountains, forests, rivers, plains, plateaus, mesas and desert lands.

Colorado weather is based solely upon the variety of the geographical landscapes it has. Each geographically distinct region has a separate climatic condition. Each region in Colorado has a different climatic condition, thus making this state one of the few places around the globe that offers all kinds of climatic conditions. It is this type of varying whether that makes Aspen Homes attractive and in demand.

Colorado weather in the west region is humid and semi-arid. This is because the region to the west of the foothills of the mountains is plain. The foothills of the mountains and the elevations beyond experience the alpine climate. Snow is seen on these mountains for most part of the year and the temperature here is very low. The plains experience humid weather patterns while the valleys here have semi-arid climate. The winters in this area are colder than in the rest of the state while the summers are less warm as the mountains block the warm winds. Thus the Colorado weather in this region is cold and humid. June is the driest month in this region.

Colorado National Park

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Colorado Tourism at National Parks

If you’re looking for more information about a particular Colorado National Park, or just looking for ideas about where to go in the state, then you’ve come to the right place! Read on to find out more about the best parks in the state, so you can make the right choice.

Mesa Verde National Park

When it comes to the best Colorado National Park, no article is complete without a mention of Mesa Verde. It was the first park in the US to be created solely to preserve the works of man, and it features more than 52,000 acres, with over 4,500 archaeological sites, including the famous cliff dwellings. A great choice if you’re interested in cultural heritage!

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park

This breathtaking 12 mile long gorge is located near Montrose. It’s a haven for wildlife, including eagles, owls, falcons and other birds, elk coyotes, mule deer and more. The Black Canyon itself is a natural wonder, and in some places, it’s 2250 feet deep! The Painted Wall, Colorado’s tallest sheer cliff, which also measures 2250 feet, is also located in the park. Facilities on the South Rim of the canyon are more plentiful, but the North Rim offers better views. Remember, however, that there’s no bridge across this canyon, so if you want to see both sides, you’ll have a three hour drive ahead of you!

Great Sand Dunes National Park

The Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorago has been an official national park since 1932, but it’s been in existence since long before that. This is possibly the strangest natural landscape in Colorado – possibly even the entire US! The park, which covers 30 square miles, is home to tundra, alpine lakes, and North America’s largest sand dunes, which rise up over 750 feet out of the landscape! It’s a little like a visit to another world, and well worth it if you like trips to different and unique geological areas.

Rocky Mountain National Park

It’s impossible to think of Colorado without thinking of the Rockies, and that means thinking about the Rocky Mountain National Park! The park sits squarely on the continental divide, which means that there are two very distinct and different parts of the park. The Eastern half being the more developed, drier of the two, and the Western being rugged, wetter, densely forested, and perfect for the genuinely outdoorsy.

Both halves of the park are teeming with wildlife, ranging from eagles to elk and squirrels to porcupines, with plenty of other species well represented. There are also black bears and mountain lions in the park, although sightings are rare. Hiking is the order of the day here, with trails ranging from very easy and family friendly, to those recommended only for experts.

One of the reasons Colorado National Parks, and other attractions in the state for that matter, are so fascinating to visit, is that they’re so very different. They’re all breathtaking and magnificent though, and they’re all well worth visiting. Visit one, or all of them, or pass through one on your way to a ski resort in Colorado – you won’t be disappointed, no matter which one you choose to spend time exploring.