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Colorado Weather

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Changes in Colorado Weather

Where is Colorado? Colorado is a state in the western area of the United States of America. It was named after the river Colorado, which is one of the major rivers in the United States. It is surrounded by Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Utah, New Mexico and a small region of Oklahoma. Colorado is known throughout the world due to the variety of geographical landscapes it contains. Colorado is filled with mountains, forests, rivers, plains, plateaus, mesas and desert lands.

Colorado weather is based solely upon the variety of the geographical landscapes it has. Each geographically distinct region has a separate climatic condition. Each region in Colorado has a different climatic condition, thus making this state one of the few places around the globe that offers all kinds of climatic conditions. It is this type of varying whether that makes Aspen Homes attractive and in demand.

Colorado weather in the west region is humid and semi-arid. This is because the region to the west of the foothills of the mountains is plain. The foothills of the mountains and the elevations beyond experience the alpine climate. Snow is seen on these mountains for most part of the year and the temperature here is very low. The plains experience humid weather patterns while the valleys here have semi-arid climate. The winters in this area are colder than in the rest of the state while the summers are less warm as the mountains block the warm winds. Thus the Colorado weather in this region is cold and humid. June is the driest month in this region.